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There’s so much more to building your brand than choosing colors, fonts, and a logo. People are no longer interested in surface-level brands that are simply in it to make a profit. We want brands that matter, brands that have impact, brands that care…we want to know the person behind the brand. Our clients will be drawn to you because they know your story, they can relate to you, you have real solutions that will help get them from point A to Z.

Not only do you need a brand that attracts, you need to know your ideal client and how to reach them, secure them as your client, and maintain a relationship with them. The marketing you use, the service you provide, the ability for them to easily refer you to their friends, the experience they have when they interact with you and your brand is KEY! Do you currently have what it takes to be as successful as you want to be in your niche? Do you know the steps to take to optimize your time and to maximize your priorities?

In Uplevel Your Biz, you will not only be able to go From Idea to Launch and get access to my 3 Top Design Secrets, you will also have full access to my proven SIMPLE Method to business success. You will not only be guided through branding, your ideal client, and productivity strategies, you will be exposed to income producing activities, and invaluable experience in the discovery, creation, and innovation areas of design that will set your biz apart!


8 Weeks of Uplevel Your Biz! – The Design Secrets to Success Mentorship and Coaching : Work directly with Cheryl

8 Guidebooks (one per week) : Which includes step by step training of how to Uplevel Your Biz!

8 Training Videos: Walking you through what’s holding you back, your story & its impact, discovery (your ideal client, the experience), Creation (design, logo, photography, visuals), Innovation (My S.I.M.P.L.E. Method, marketing) and MORE!!!


8 Live Q&A Coaching Calls (one per week) : Not only will you get to ask questions, I’ll share extra tips and tricks!


1:1 design sessions : one per month to nail your niche, story, message, branding, design, and launch 

Critiques & reviews of your progress, marketing, images & more: Let’s get real, you have to do your homework & you want to produce some epic stuff…so, we will review it all and make it fabulous!


Email access to Cheryl


Private Members Only Facebook Group

Access to Guest Experts


And MORE!!!


I partner with people just like you who want more out of life and have a burning desire to make their dreams come true through building their own online business, storefront, studio, niche, career…AND who want to actually enjoy the journey and live a fulfilling life along the way!


  • You want to start and grow your own business
  • You have an idea, product, or service…. but aren’t sure what to do with it
  • You are in direct sales or network marketing and want to take it to the next level
  • You want to discover what’s been holding you and your business back from the success you so desperately desire
  • You’re over it…you’re exhausted from working so many hours and not seeing the return you want
  • You don’t want to blend in with the rest of your competition and you’re ready to make an impact in the world, your community, your family, your life
  • You want to effectively market yourself on social media, but aren’t sure how
  • You need someone to simplify things for you and give you a plan of attack

Then YES, it’s MADE FOR YOU!!

If you’re ready to discover how to create a stunning brand that evokes emotion in your clients, be an innovator in your niche, and build a profitable business and life you love…If you’re stuck and you’re not sure where to start and what exactly to do to get there…If you have a burning desire for more in your career and life, but need focus and fresh, experienced eyes to help you navigate this ever-changing world of social media and marketing…I am here for you and I have set up time for us to have a 50 minute conversation that’s free for you.


I Can’t Wait!

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On this private one-on-one call with me, we will:

  • uncover and unlock what’s been holding you and your business back
  • map out a branding strategy for your personal brand and business
  • define your differentiators in your niche so you can create an effective marketing campaign strategy

I know you can do this with the right support and I know you’ve got what it takes! I’m cheering you on and can’t wait to dig in with you!!!



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I will work with you to create a custom video you can use for advertising your business. This is for you if you are an entrepreneur, in direct sales, a storefront owner, a start-up, an online shop, a boutique owner…you name it!


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